IAESTE trip to Strasbourg

From 10th to 11th August 2019

Registration is over!

The trip is from Sat. 10th August to Sun. 11th August.
The registration fee is 20€.

It includes one night at a hostel at Kehl incl. breakfast, a lunch package on Saturday and Sunday as well as a dinner at a restaurant on Saturday. The registration fee also includes two guided tours (one on Saturday, one on Sunday).

For a brief schedule see the plan on the right.
Get an impression of what awaits you from the pictures below.

If you are allergic to any food products or vegetarian/vegan, please let us know when you register, so we can forward your request to the youth hostel.

Registration is not possible any more!

Brief schedule (Sat.)

Arrival (Sat.)
The organising committee will arrive at Strasbourg central train station 11:37.
We will wait for the students from other parts of Germany to arrive and make our way together to "Jugendherberge Kehl" around lunch time on Sat. 10th August 2019.
The way to Strasbourg and back to your town is not included in the price.
We however provide you with a tram day ticket, so you're mobile.

If you need advice on how to get there, check the advice below.
Lunch and departure to Strasbourg (Sat.)
Sightseeing (Sat.)
Free time or not :) (Sat.)
Dinner (Sat.)

Brief schedule (Sun.)

Morning has broken (Sun.)
We will have breakfast at the "Jugendherberge Kehl" which is included in your registration fee.
Departure to Strasbourg (Sun.)
Sightseeing (Sun.)
The European parliament (Sun.)
Departure (Sun.)

Some hints on how to get to Strasbourg

Please keep in mind that you'll have to get from Strasbourg central to Kehl by tram if you choose to go to Strasbourg directly. So you'll have to wait at Strasbourg central for the organising comittee to arrive to get your tram ticket to Kehl (Germany) or you directly take a connection to Kehl.

If you wish to travel to Kehl and are from the BaWü-region, check the BaWü day ticket and try to convince as many people from your place to come ;) 
Link to the German train service

From the south west of Germany and Luxembourg

From Saarbruecken
The exchange students from the organising committee in Saarbruecken, will take the direct train connection from Saarbruecken main station to Strasbourg main station.

We will buy a Saar-Alsace-ticket which is 35€ for 5 people.

We will leave at 9:30 and will arrive at Strasbourg central station at 11:37am according to current schedule.

New: At the moment it looks like the connection has been temporarty cancelled and replaced by a bus. Price remains the same. Times above have been adapted.
From Luxembourg
From Koblenz
From North Rhine-Westphalia

From the Rhine-Main area

From Mannheim
If you are not from Mannheim but were advised to change there:
maybe the regional day ticket at bahn.de is cheaper than a single ride...

Otherwise there are several fast connections from Mannheim to Strasbourg, both with and without changes.

You can also take the bus if you're an early-bird (leaves at 7:15am but is only 7.99€)

Check your favourite connection bus/train at trainline.com
From Karlsruhe
From Darmstadt
From Mainz

From the south of Germany

From Stuttgart
There are several fast train connections (TGV) from Stuttgart to Strasbourg main station taking 1:30h. But you can also get a direct bus connection with FlixBus which arrives 12:35 at Strasbourg at 8.99€

Check your favourite connection at thetrainline.com
From Freiburg
From Konstanz
From Bavaria
Media Source: Wikimedia 
Wikipedia article on Strasbourg (french)